ICO Resources

A growing list of interesting links to learn more about ICOs and cryptocurrencies in general.

ICO Basics

Coin Academy: Free introductory courses to cryptocurrencies (registration required).

Coindesk's Beginner's Guide to Blockchain Technology: A comprehensive FAQ on crypto.

Coin Telegraph's "ICO, Explained": An FAQ on ICOs.

Blockgeeks: A great article explaining ICOs.

ICO News

Coindesk: The leading publication on all thinks crypto.

Coin Telegraph: Another good source of news on crypto, a bit more technical.

ICO Insider: Besides news, they often do in depth reviews of upcoming ICOs.

Cryptocoin.news: Combination of current news and ICO analysis.

ICO Communities

Online Forums: BitcoinTalk, Steemit

Reddit: r/icocrypto

Telegram: Too many, here's a list with the most important ones

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